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Hi!  My name is Raven Patrick. I am the owner of STAY!cation Pet Sitters.  I am a long time resident of Oak ravenbiopicCliff/ Winnetka Heights, and have worked as a pet sitter for people in the Winnetka Heights neighborhood since 2009.

I worked independently in animal rescue for several years, and rescued many strays in our Oak Cliff neighborhood; placing them into loving and responsible homes.  I have my own share of “foster failures”, and feel blessed that they in my life and in my home. Each one of my fur-babies has a very special place in my heart.

I am also certified in Pet Tech CPR, First Aid & Care for dogs and cats.

My experience with animals has been a lifelong role, and I continue to have a soft spot for the treatment of animals.  People know me as the one who always seems to attract animals in need of medical attention, a loving home, or just some TLC; sometimes these little lost souls just show up at my house and even at my front door.

I work with several individuals/dear friends in pit bull rescue.  We work to educate the public, that this misunderstood breed is truly a wonderful dog at heart.  I am proud to be a pet-parent of few of my own, and they are some of the sweetest dogs I have ever known. In fact if you live in North Oak Cliff, you have probably seen me running with my boy, in your neighborhood or at the local dog-friendly road races.

I manage a small feral colony of cats who have been in the neighborhood for years.  Part of my responsibility is to make sure that they are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and well fed.  During the cold months, I build shelters to keep them warm during those frigid nights

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In my spare time I enjoy running with my dog Ringo, playing with my other fur-babies, and training with friends for various road races. I have completed several half-marathons, and a full marathon; along with other race distances in between.

My goal is to provide the same care to your fur-babies, as I would for mine.  My fur-kids are my family, and I know that they rely on the care and love I provide to them.  I strive to give my my client’s fur-babies the same love and attention, that I would want for my own.





Kathy Kibbel Bio PhotoKathi Kibbel and her husband have been residents of Oak Cliff for over 13 years and have no plans on ever leaving their beloved neighborhood. Kathi was born and raised in Dallas and has never met a stranger, she becomes friends with everyone, human or animal, she meets. Kathi is an avid animal rescuer and to date has saved over 400 dogs and cats placing them in foster or permanent homes.

Over the years, Kathi and her husband personally have adopted more than 25 animals into their family. Their home life is always a wonderfully entertaining zoo.

Kathi is the “pet sitter” on call for friends and family and has gathered a loyal client base. Kathi works with Animal Rescue of Texas fostering and fundraising. She is also a Feral Cat Colony manager with the City of Dallas; meaning she spays/neuters and feeds the cats and then is dedicated to their care for the rest of their lives.

Kathi has also provided services as an Animal Communicator for the past 5 years. She found she had the talent of talking to and understanding animals when she herself used a communicator to help an aging and troubled cat that lived with her and her husband. Kathi’s motto is “Show your pet what you do want, not what you don’t want”.  She has assisted many a pet owner dealing with pet behavioral issues, which in turn has helped heir pets live a full happy life.

Kathi also volunteers with Dallas Companion Animal Project who give free spay/neuter and rabies shots to people in certain zip codes of Dallas County.