Pet Sitting FAQ

What is included for Pet Sitting?

  • Feeding pets, taking pets out for potty breaks, cleaning litter boxes, giving fresh water for your pets, cleaning up pet accidents, not to mention providing lots of love for your fur babies!
  • Picking up your mail and/or newspapers, home security check, plant watering (within reason), and lights/blinds adjustment.  We make sure that your home maintains a “someone is home” look. Please request any additional service needs for care of your home.
  • Administering pet medications if needed
  • Standard visitation time is  20 minutes. Will you need or require more time for your fur-babies?  We are happy to discuss their individual special needs.
  • There is no maximum pet limit, however more pets will take more time and any additional fees will be discussed and set prior to your pet’s first day of care.
  • We can even text you photos with a fur-baby hello from  your pet, while we visit,  so you can see how they are doing.  We find that when folks are away on vacation that they love getting these little gems!

What about feral or outdoor cats?

We understand that sometimes your fur baby family may extend to the kitties who live outdoors.  You should be able to go on vacation without worrying about how they will get their food.  We will also stop by and make sure these little guys are checked on, and fed each day.  Contact us about our Feral Feeding Service.

Pet Sitter Visitation Hours 

We provide visits both morning and in the evening for your fur-babies.  Midday visitation hours are available if needed.

Two visits per day are required for homes with dogs.