Pet Sitting

Our pets are creatures of habit; they like life to be the same every day.  When you hire a pet sitter, your dog or cat gets to remain in his or her own home, where all the sights, sounds, and smells are familiar. Pet Sitting is a serious business, and we know that while you are away, you want the very best for your fur-baby. As a client of ours, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your precious pet will have the finest of care, right in your own home.

There are several reasons why hiring STAY!cation Pet Sitters is best for your beloved fur-baby:

  • Pets are happier at home

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    . Your pet’s diet and exercise routines are uninterrupted at home. Some animals will not eat while boarded, due to stress.  Few boarding facilities provide your pet with the amount of exercise he or she is accustomed to (or requires) in order to be happy and content.

  • Your pet does not have to travel to and from the kennel or boarding facility. Sometimes the trip alone can be traumatic on your dog or cat. Also this is one less item you need to worry about when trying to leave for vacation, or need to stress about after a long drive or flight.  When you come home, your pet is there waiting for you!
  • Your pet’s exposure to disease & stressful situations is minimized when you hire a pet sitter. Boarding facilities increase your pet’s chance of contracting germs that can cause illness and there is constant exposure to other unfamiliar animals, which is very stressful.
  • Untrained or unwilling friends/family/neighbors need not be called.  STAY!cation Pet Sitters want to take care of your pets and we are trained to do so. Sometimes family, friends, or neighbors may be unprepared or unwilling to properly care for your pet during your absence.
  • Your pet benefits from personalized attention they receive us.  We are there to give them attention, mental stimulation, love, playtime, and the occasional treat (if permitted).
  • Unfortunately some boarding facilities discriminate against certain breeds of dogs.  Not us!  We love them all!