Vacation Home Check

Even if you do not have pets, we can provide you with the peace of mind that your home is being taken care of while you are on vacation or just away for the weekend. STAY!cation Pet Sitters offers crime deterrent measures such as:

  • Collect mail, packages, and newspaper
  • Alternate lights
  • Open and close blinds/drapes
  • Turn radio/television on or off
  • Garbage to curb for pick up and back
  • Indoor plants watered (per specific client instructions)
  • Outdoor potted plants watered daily
  • Home emergencies handled using client preferred contractors
  • Daily security check of your property
  • You’ll receive daily text message and email updates and pictures of your home if you’d like.

Help keep you home safe and with that lived in look, while you are away.  Contact us about our Vacation Home Check Service today!