At  STAY!cation Pet Sitters, we strive to make our clients and their fur babies very happy!  Here is what some folks are saying!

We were planning a once in a life time trip to Paris and we needed a pet sitter for 10 days. We met Raven through a post on our neighborhood Facebook page. We contacted her and she came over and instantly knew she was the right person for the job. She had to not only feed our cats for those 10 days but also give them medicine at different times. She informed us that she would also get our mail, turn on and off lights, get the paper and water plants. We were so impressed that all of this service for such a low price. While we were gone our neighbors told us that she didn’t just run in and do what she needed to do but she stayed for a while and entertained the cats. About half way though our trip we had a bad feeling something had happened to the cats. So we sent her a message and she immediately sent a reply saying they were fine and sent this wonderful picture of the two of them.

Happy Babies!

You can see from the photo that they trust her and for our two cats that is saying a lot. When we got back we knew they had been well taken care of. We have continued to use Raven for big and small trips. She is always ready to help and her love of animals is very apparent in her job. We would highly recommend Raven Patrick for any pet sitting job.

Rachel & Paul H.

I had never used a pet sitter other than family and friends. Raven was the first pet sitter I ever hired. She came over prior to our vacation and met my 4 cats. She had a thorough list of questions regarding their routines, the house, my preferences. …things I may have forgotten to tell her. While we were away, she would text me and let me know they boys were ok and a snippet of what they did that day. She made me feel at ease entrusting their care to her

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. Also, she is very well known as an animal lover/advocate in our community. I would recommend Raven without hesitation.

Robin H.

In a pinch Raven has come to our rescue, when it comes to watching over our pets, while we  leave town.  I always know that they are in good hands and that Raven will keep our pets fat, happy, and safe.

Kay M.

While we were on vacation, and away from most telephone communication, Raven took such kind care of our elder cat.  We knew that if there were any needs or emergencies that Raven would be more than capable of handling the situation.  We trust our home and our pet to her.

Sam H.


Raven did a wonderful job helping plan and coordinate for our youngest fur baby to be our ring bearer at the wedding! She made sure Hannah arrived with ample time before the ceremony, had her little “best dog” bandanna tied on just right, and had her cued at the end of the aisle at the perfect time for her to run in mid-ceremony with the rings! Raven took excellent care of our fur baby after the ceremony- letting her play in the yard a bit, giving her dinner and tucking her into her “box” for the evening. It was the best day of our lives and thanks to Raven we were able to include Hannah without any extra stress on our wedding day!


D’Ann M.

AWESOME…What more can we say! Raven took/takes care of our furry family as if they were her own. Providing individualized love & care to each and everyone, no matter what their needs, including those with special needs or total care. Our furry family took to her immediately, which they “know” people…and, their hearts. We endorse her 110% and would recommend her to anyone without reservation.


Brenda & Pete

From overnight weekends to long summer vacations, Kathi’s been there to ensure our pets are loved and cared for in our absence. She’s great with different diets, pet personalities and complicated alarm systems. The best thing I can say about her is that when we arrive home, our pets seem to have barely noticed we were gone.


Meredith Stegall & Janet Barter


Raven watched our three kitties while I was on Christmas break from medical school. I was a little nervous as it was the first time I’ve left them at home and had someone watch them, but as it turned out I couldn’t have asked for a better pet sitter! Everything went more than perfectly! She even sent me adorable photos of our guys on Christmas I can’t imagine trusting the care of my fur babies to anyone else. Raven is extremely attentive and goes the extra mile to care for pets – she really understands that they are family!


Cayce Smith