Super Scoopers!

Smelling something stinky every time you walk out the door? Having to tip-toe through your own yard? 

Super Scooper Ringo

It’s Super Scoopers to the rescue!!

Sometimes the love for our pups, can be a dog-gone dirty business!  Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to walk around your yard, avoiding Fido’s little (or HUGE) landmines?  Let our Super Scooper service take care of the mess, and be a hero to your pet and your yard!

We own and love pets and know how to interact with them. We will watch for any signs of illness, unusual digestion, blood, and foreign objects in your dog’s waste and tell you if things just don’t look right.

We offer three services: once a week, twice a week, or a one time cleaning.

Super Dooper Scooper Discounts!

  • 10% for 12 months prepaid
  • 5% for 6 months prepaid
  • 15% for Foster Dog Caregivers
  • 15% for Military and Veterans
  • 15% for Police, Fire, and EMS personel