Mid-Day Dog Walks

Just Need a Mid-Day Dog Walk?

Too busy to give your pup the daily walk they need? Let one of our expert Dog Walkers take your dog out for an adventure. Whether a stroll around the block to stretch the legs or a good power walk, a customized mid-day walk with one of our experienced Dog Walkers will make any dog happy.

What is included:

  • Fresh water at the end of the walk along, with your pup’s favorite doggy snack.
  • Lots of petting and praise

Please note: The Mid-Day Dog walks take place only if the temperature is not too hot.  Understand that during the summer, the mid-day dog walks may not be available. We will not expose your pup to extreme heat, nor hot pavement. Our Dog Walkers reserve the right to deny a walk or run during inclement weather. This is both for the safety of our walkers, and for your precious pups.

Please provide all leashes and collars with tags of your pet(s) for the dog walker.  It is preferable that the owner supplies bio-degradable pet waste bags for the dog walker to use with their pet.