Dog Runner FAQ

How many dogs do you run at once?

Your pup will enjoy one-on-one running time with his/her Dog Runner.  After a few sessions, if you like, we can run your pup with our Dog Runner mascot (ONLY after first having a meet and greet), or their pup brother or sister.  At that time you and the Dog Runner can make a mutual decision on if your pup would be comfortable running with a canine companion. If not, we will continue the one-on-one running. Some dogs like the company; some prefer the alone time.

How far will you run my dog?

For a normal run of 20 – 30 minutes the distance ranges from 2 to 3 miles, which will include a warm-up walk and cool down walk. The distance and time we run will depend upon your dog’s size and breed, as well as their current aerobic conditioning.  Your dog will determine the speed we go, and the distance.

We constantly monitor your dog for signs of heat exhaustion, fatigue or injury. We will walk or take breaks as necessary

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. Your Dog Runner is focused on running for your dog’s health. We never push your pup beyond his or her limitations.  We do not recommend extended runs for dogs over the age of 10 years old.  We also do not recommend running smaller toy breeds for any extended periods of time.

We will carry a cell phone, fresh water (warm days), and plastic cleanup bags with us on every run.  We even have a GPS program where you can see where we are, on our routes!

What about the Texas heat?

Due to the extreme summer temperatures here in north Texas, the Dog Runner service is only offered during spring, fall, and winter. Special arrangements can be made for early morning runs during the summer months on weekend days and some weekdays, if scheduling permits.  We do not want to have your pup deal with painful hot pavement or conditions that would be detrimental to their health, so we do not run when temperatures climb past 89 degrees at the time of the session.

What about cold weather?

As for the colder days, this is up to your discretion.  Your dog’s Dog Runner, has run in temperatures as low as 40 degrees. Dogs generate heat while exercising, and we have found almost all really enjoy running in the snow and colder temperatures.

How old should my dog be to start this activity?

The standard rule-of-thumb is 8 months of age for a dog to start a regular running program.  Canines need time for their bones and joints to form properly in order to withstand the stress of running for distance. Large breeds need a little more time to develop, so in this case we recommend waiting until at least 10 months of age.

Dog Runner Hours

(non-summer months)
Monday-Friday  6:00pm – 8:00pm
Sat 9am – 2pm
Sundays 9am – 11:00am

Summer months
Monday-Friday 4:45 am – 5:30 am (special arrangements only)
Saturday 7:00 am – 9:00am
Sundays off

Also if your Dog Runner has scheduled availability time during the workweek, we will let you know so that your pup can get in a good run at a more convenient time.

Please note: Our Dog Runners reserve the right to deny a walk or run during inclement weather.  This is both for the safety of our runners, and for your precious pups.