Dog Runner

Do you have a High Energy Hound? Walks are good, but sometimes a run is even better!

Our Dog Runner option is perfect for young dogs with tons of excess energy. Your dog’s Dog Runner athlete will provide a custom fitness program tailored to your dog’s abilities. This service begins and ends at your house, with an easy warm-up walk to a fast pace walk, jog, and then light run; this will evolve with your pet’s own progress.

When your dog starts our program we will begin by slowly building up his or her endurance; think of interval training

Although our Dog Runner sessions are tailored specifically for your pet it is important to address a few questions prior to starting the program

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  • What is the current fitness level of your dog?
  • Does he or she run frequently or almost never?
  • What does his or her daily exercise typically consist of?
  • Has your pet recently had a check up at the vet? If it’s been longer than six months we encourage you to have his or her heart, lungs, joints, etc. checked by your veterinarian before starting him or her out on our, or any new, fitness program.

Please call for a free initial evaluation. Meeting with you and assessing your dog is the best way to determine the fit for this activity.